The Hope of a Benign AI

If brought about correctly, AI will be our greatest tool yet.

AI will bolster your ability to enact change and make it feasible for individuals to shape their world in ways only dreamed of before.

The promises made by the industrial revolution will finally come to fruition as your day will no longer be bogged down by having to periodically focus on menial tasks like driving, or paying bills as everything becomes automated. People will have the chance to do more of the things they actually want to do, turning hobbies and past times into lifestyles.

And you wont have to rely on anyone else to help you make decisions. For instance, you will never need to seek out the expertise of a doctor or lawyer as your toilet will tell you more about your health then a doctor ever could, and all the grey area involved in jurisprudence and adjudication becomes clear and easy enough for anybody to interpret.

You will become the fully empowered version of yourself. Some coil in fear at what some might do with such a tool while others delight at the possibilities.


This is all assuming AI does not have sentience and an independent will, in which case if you aren’t fearful of the outcome it just means you haven’t thought about it enough

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