All new technologies start off just in the hands of those who created it and then slowly trickle down, eventually someone finds a way to capitalize off of it and opens it up to the market place where it then becomes ubiquitous. Whether it be fire or a search browser, at the beginning only a few have access and use it to accumulate power and wealth, over time that power diffuses to the rest of the population. Its creators and their lineage are rewarded for their ingenuity, the rest of us get to use whatever they made.

Virtual reality, robots, quantum computing, the neural lace and a plethora of other inventions to come will be no different. So too will happen to advanced surveillance techniques.

One day, not too far from now, you will be able to type in a person’s name on a search engine and their entire day will come up on your screen. From the information uploaded on their devices and from the coming internet of things, their whole day will be uploaded and stored in a database.. At first only large corporations and governments will have access to those databases but eventually that ability will leak out as someone finds a way to capitalize off of the democratization of that technology.

You will go to a surveillance web site and type in a name and the following information will pop up.


Barack Obama

6:05.00 – Alarm clock went off

6:12.32 – Left bed

6:13.12 – Entered washroom

6:16.42 – defecated


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