Seven Graphs That Explain The Future

The Internet of Everything. By the end of next year there will be nearly three times as many devices hooked up to the internet as there are people in the world. All of them constantly feeding information to cloud networks and data servers while communicating with their user and with the devices around them.


Timeline of Future Technologies. The next 10 years will see more change than the last 100 years combined. However it’s important to distinguish hype from reality as some of those technologies are merely entering their period of inflated expectations while others are just about ready for the spotlight.


The Corporate Takeover. Almost every company now is either a massive conglomerate or a tiny start up, with fewer and fewer in between. As soon as most start ups are ready to grow they get bought by one of the entrenched giants.


The Tech Takeover. 30 years ago there were only a handful of tech company in the fortune 500, today all of the largest companies in the world are tech companies and that trend is only going to continue as every company will have to decide whether to become a tech company or get swallowed up by one.


The Pace of Progress. We have made more technological progress in the last half century than in all of human history combined. That pace of change is only going to continue accelerating.


The Biological Revolution. In only 15 years the cost of sequencing a human genome has gone from 100 million dollars to a thousand dollars. Soon getting your genome sequenced will be as common as getting vaccinated. This has given us a new set of tools in the fight against disease and has helped spur the growth of personalized medicine.


The AI Revolution. Artificial Intelligence will play the biggest role in shaping the future, and the areas of the globe that put the most resources into developing AI will determine that future.



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