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The Age of Efficiency and the Rise of East Asia

“Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.”

  • Jacques Ellul


Civilization tends to adopt whatever methods prove themselves to be the most efficient. Automation and machine learning will be the most efficient answer to many of societies problems. Those societies which are able to adopt those changes first will be the first to benefit from them and have a leg up on all others.

East Asia will be at the forefront of all this change.

The West is too concerned with the ideals of liberalism and individuality, ideas that had their time but that will not serve them well in the new economies to come. They value their personal freedom far too much and will struggle to accept a world in which they have to give up some of what they fought so hard to achieve.

East Asia will not have the same problems. It will start in Singapore and China where those in power have the ability and authority to impose lifestyle changes on their citizens. Korea and Japan will follow soon after as their desire for efficiency trumps any of the liberal ideals they have adopted from the west. The rest will follow suit as it becomes evident that their neighbors are now able to out-compete everyone else.

“The worst enemy of life, freedom and the common decencies is total anarchy;
their second worst enemy is total efficiency.”

Aldous Huxley


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