New Economies

A wave of new innovations is going to create segments of the economy that never existed. Those that are first will also be the first to access these new markets and monopolize them. Two of the biggest industries poised to blow up in the next decade are….

Regenerative Medicine – The growth in genetic engineering and stem cell research is approaching critical mass. Already projected to see a 100 fold increase in the next 15 years, companies at the forefront will supplant large swaths of the existing medical industry, pharmaceutical companies will gobble up many of them as big pharma becomes big regmed, and new players will emerge to rival the entrenched giants.

Robotics – All engineers will be forced to understand robotics if they want to make a living in the world of tomorrow as robots will be the workforce yet those who know how to build, repair and maintain them will be in high demand.

And many years from now

Creativity incorporated – No one will ever be paid to simply apply something they learned in school, machines will be able to do that better than any human ever could. The only way you will add value to society is by thinking of something that no one had thought of before, no matter how outlandish the idea might seem.
Novelty will be the new  form of currency.

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought” – Einstein

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