Back to the Future


For the past six months I have been visiting some of the top research labs in the world, meeting with the people who run them and learning all that I can about the work they are doing. It has been an intensely fascinating journey. Prior to I had not grasped just how much progress science has made lately into our understanding of the world and ourselves. Every place I visited and every person involved that I talked to helped open my eyes to some of the truly incredible progress that has been made.

I want to keep going and keep sharing what I have come across with anyone who is interested. I want to help shed light on some of the remarkable things happening in science and technology and foster sorely needed discussion as many of these advances will fundamentally change society and the way each of us choose to live our lives.

Below I have put together a tentative list of the places and conferences I want to visit in the upcoming year. This list is still very fluid, if you know of any places I should go, conferences I should attend or people I should meet feel free to let me know.

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Feb 11-16 : San Francisco, Developer Week
Feb 18 : MIT, Technology
March 20-22 :Orlando, Stem Cells
March 21-25 : Phoenix, Genetics
March 29 – April 2 : Vienna, Alzheimers + Parkinson’s disease
May 25 : St. Louis, Space Science
July 20-22 : Munich, Synthetic Biology
July 20-23 : San Diego, Comic-Con
Aug 19-25 : Melbourne, Artificial Intelligence
Aug 31 : Rhodes Greece, Environmental Science and Technology
Sep 21-22 : Toronto, Genetics
Sep 25-27 : Berlin, Biotechnology
Sep 25-29 : Adelaide, Australia, Astronautics
Nov 2-3 : Toronto, Genetics
Nov 6-9 : Lisbon, Tech
Nov 8-9 : Vegas, Nuclear Physics
Nov 11-15 : Washington, Neuroscience
Dec 4-5 : Sao Paulo, Biotech

Projects and Companies shaping the future

Robotics + Drones : Boston Dynamics, Airobotics, Hanson Robotics, 3D robotics, Ekso bionicsYaskawa, ABBAiroboticsKuka, FanucSoftbank, Delphi
Genetics + Genetic EngineeringBGI, AmgenSangamo, EditasCaribouIntellia, Crisprtx
Synthetic BiologyCollectis , Synthase, Gingko bioworks
Medical Sciences : Eu Brain Project, US Brain initiative, DatosSyqe, Calico labsPaul Allen Institute for Brain ScienceChan Zuckerberg Initiative, Gladstone InstituteBuck InstituteScrippsSens
Space Programs : Space X, Copernicus Program, KeckFluxiot
Alternative Energy : ITER, Solar city, Yingli SolarSuntech
PhysicsFAST, SPPC , LUNA, CERN, SETI, LIGO, Sanford Underground, SnolabTRIUMF
Transportation : Navlab, Innoviz, hyperloop, QNX, ContinentalAutotalks
Artificial Intelligence : Deepmind, Open AI, OpenCog, Amazon, Watson, iCarbonX
Quantum Computing : D-Wave
Virtual + Augmented Reality : HTC, Oculus, SamsungHolo Lens, Magic Leap
Urban Development: Songdo, Seasteading
Farming : Freight Farms, VerticropAerofarms, Spread

Plus there is a ton of stuff happening at universities throughout the world that I will be adding as I go.

By Geographic Area

Israel : iCarbonXInnovizAirobotics, Datos, Fluxiot, Syqe, Autotalks
North East USA : Sanford Underground, IntelliaCrisprtxCollectisBoston DynamicsGingko bioworksWatsonFreight Farms, Aerofarms, NavlabDelphi
California :  LIGOSETI, Sangamo, Editas, CaribouEkso bionicsCalico labsChan Zuckerberg InitiativeGladstone InstituteBuck InstituteScrippsSensSpace XSolar cityOpen AIOculushyperloop
Other parts of USA : Keck3D roboticsPaul Allen Institute for Brain ScienceUS Brain initiativeAmazonHolo LensMagic Leap
China SPPC FASTBGI, Hanson Robotics, Yingli Solar, SuntechOpenCogHTC
Japan Yaskawa, SpreadFanuc, Softbank
Korea SamsungSongdo
Canada AmgenD-WaveVerticropQNXSnolab, TRIUMF
Switzerland : CERNABB
Italy : LUNA
France ITER
UK Synthase, Deepmind
Germany Continental, Kuka
Other Seasteading

I want to add India, Africa and South America as I am sure there are exciting things happening there but I know little about them.

Tentative Schedule

February – Israel
March/April –  Europe
May/June – U.S.A
July – East Asia
August – Australia
Sept to Dec – TBD