If I Had A Billion Dollars Writing Challenge


The Challenge

In 500 words or less, describe how you would spend a billion dollars for the sole purpose of accelerating the production of knowledge about Parkinson’s disease and/or the translation of that knowledge into disease modifying therapies? 



The top three entries will receive free registration and hotel accommodations for the upcoming Revision vs. Reconstruction Symposium in Toronto from April 24th-26th and have their entry displayed in an upcoming post on Tomorrow Edition.

The Grand Prize Winner will also receive $500(CAD) towards a flight to Toronto!




Submit all entries to: benjaminstecher@gmail.com

(Contest closes at midnight on April 5th. Entries will be judged by the steering committee for the Revision vs. Reconstruction Symposium. Open only to students and postdocs working in Parkinson’s disease or closely related areas. Please include a one line description of yourself.)



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